Woodland Wands

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All the wands featured within this site are hand made from  naturally fallen wood found in woodland all over the south  east of England.  No wood has been forcibly taken from any  living tree, therefore all the natural properties are kept as  nature intended.

Wherever possible, the seasons, lunar cycles, maturity of the  tree, all play a role on the types of wood collected to maximise  the magickal properties for wand use.

Due to the way the wood is collected we cannot guarantee  which woods shall be available for wand making, so come  

back  frequently.

Handmade by Rowan Wolf.

This local artist has lived in the Medway area for many years and has always had a keen interest from a teen in witchcraft and the spiritual side of existence, along with designing and making various items.  Always preferring the countryside to  the city, this progressed over the years to studying many  nature based crafts, Wicca, Crystals, and Herbalism.

Each wand is unique as it has its individual personality due   to the natural formation of the woods and crystals used.   This  combined with it’s own scroll explaining the properties of the materials used, together with a velour drawstring pouch,  combine to make a very personal and unique item.

Always happy to discuss personal commissions and will take time with you regarding the pros and cons of your request.

Please note that individualised, (named) wands cannot be  sold on easily and must be paid for in full if you change your mind once the work has commenced, hence a deposit is required.

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